Legal Aid Retirement

I started working at Legal Aid Society of Hawaii on Jan. 2, 1992 under the supervision of Karen Holt as a clerk, paralegal and office manager in a small office located below Molokai General Hospital. The mission of Legal Aid is to serve legal needs and services to low-income, “the haves and have nots” income eligible individuals and seniors having a difficult time understanding notices, forms and important information. I retired with Legal Aid as of Aug. 9. 

Legal Aid assists in family law, child custody, paternity, divorce, visitation, child abuse and support, adoptions, power of attorney and wills, public benefits such as welfare assistance for individuals and families, housing, evictions and Section 8 housing, utility shut off, along with name changes, vital statistic records and wrongful termination referrals. 

I have also assisted with Medicare and Medicaid, and been an advocate for Social Security disability benefits. I have worked under nine attorneys making sure clients were treated fairly and with dignity. I have always been a service to others all my life. 

There are so many in our community who need help and Molokai is lucky to have a nonprofit organization like Legal Aid. This service continues and remains open for all. 

April Kealoha


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