Leadership Begins With The Youth.

“Junior Leaders” is a program for Molokai youth created by “Maui County Area Health Education Center.” Also known as AHEC, our agency provides presentations to students interested in the medical and health fields in order to familiarize them with opportunities related to medical careers.

In collaboration with Molokai High School, AHEC is working directly with Mr John Van Ornum’s Health Career Pathways class. Each Tuesday throughout the year we create edifying presentations for each student.

AHEC asks medical professionals of Molokai to share knowledge of their field and of difficulties which they had to overcome in order to reach their goals. The volunteers provide ice breakers, presentations, discussions and hands-on activities that give students a chance to develop their leadership skills and self-esteem.

AHEC has been glad to work with many businesses to create an informative and entertaining program for our `opio. This year’s program was made possible thanks to Na Pu’uwai; Maui AIDS Foundation; Department of Health; Molokai Fire Department; Chow’s Chiropractor; Care Resource, Inc; and Molokai General Hospital amongst many others. Hats off to all!

In addition to regular presentations at Molokai High, the students who participated in our summer leadership camp are building upon their skills through group activities within the community. We strive to educate with knowledge that can be beneficial and helpful to our youth as they ponder – and hopefully choose – a career in health services.

Our “Future Leaders Program” is for children of a young age who already have an idea of what they want to become. We collaborate with Kualapu`u Elementary School to educate on healthy living through fun-filled activities. We teach students the importance of staying healthy and eating right, of being physically fit and developing a daily exercise plan. AHEC provides instruments and tools which are used every day at clinics and hospitals so that keiki may experience being a doctor or a nurse through role play. We believe that these programs help develop a sense of security, maturity, and self-belief in each student.

The health care field provides a chance for people to truly follow their dreams and become who they want to be.

AHEC strives to provide opportunities for youth across Maui County and would like to thank the health care workers who have participated in “Junior Leaders” for sharing their mana`o. They have certainly made an impression upon our Junior Leaders and have helped them to feel confident in making a difference for themselves and others. Our presenters have helped AHEC send the message that hope is what we sustain, assurance and support is what we provide.

Jossette Mawae Mollena (CNA/EA) is the program developer and coordinator for AHEC’s school programs.


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