Land Trust to Get New Headquarters

Computer projection of completed MLT Building

MLT News Release

On Thursday, July 6, the Molokai Land Trust (MLT) and two dozen board members and friends gathered on the former Kualapu`u theater lot to cleanse and bless the land in preparation for the construction of MLT’s future office, nursery and base yard. The first shovels of dirt mixed with soil and sand from all MLT’s preserves were turned, and magically a cloud sprinkled rain on the gathering and a rainbow shimmered over Kualapu`u. With the building permit in hand, construction will commence on Aug. 1.

Guests shared personal stories about the former theater, which entertained Molokai residents many decades ago.

“The new building is a restoration on the old theater lot and conjures up many memories of the plantation days, and the new building will build new memories,” said Ed Misaki of MLT Lands and Stewardship Committee.

“This land and building will provide a permanent home base to centralize the organization’s stewardship and restoration efforts on Molokai,” said Rikki Cooke, MLT past president.

The MLT headquarter’s proximity to Mokio Preserve will enhance educational programs with area schools and volunteers. MLT hosts hundreds of students on the Mokio Preserve, which is a 1,718-acre parcel containing approximately 5 miles of rugged shoreline, remnant native coastal strand and dune ecosystems, seasonal wetland, and several ancient Hawaiian sites, including an adze quarry at Pu`u Kaeo. Students learn about land conservation and participate in restoration at Mokio. MLT also stewards its Kawaikapu Preserve and is contracted to conduct restoration activities on The Nature Conservancy’s Mo`omomi Preserve.

The Molokai Land Trust’s mission is to protect and restore the land, natural and cultural resources of Molokai, and to perpetuate the unique Native Hawaiian traditions and character of the islands for the benefit of the future generations of all Molokai, particularly Native Hawaiians.


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