Kupuna Gala Mahalos

We, Peace Of Mind LLC and the Corpuz Ohana ( Randall Sr., Hoku, Oli, Randall Jr. and Sara), would like to extend a "Big Mahalo" to some Special People who helped us with the Kupuna Gala on Sunday December 9, 2007! Thank you so much to Barbara and the Molokai Chamber of Commerce Foundation for giving us this great opportunity to cater this wonderful event and allowing us a chance to give back to our beautiful community! Also, to our "CREW': Lynn and Russel DeCoite, Carrie, RJ, and Dillon, Rosie Davis, Gene, Erlinda and Luke Santiago, Suliana and Fred Aki, Mariah Rapanot-McGuire, Terza Pactol, Aunty Kanani and Uncle Richard Negrillo, Berta Delos Reyes and Ohana, Ipo and William Davis, "Thank You" for all of your endless help in making our night a big success!!!! To the Kupunas, it was a pleasure preparing your chinese dinner for you and mahalo for all your compliments!  We look forward to many more oppurtunities to serve our community! Have a Merry, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!


                                                                                   The Corpuz Ohana &

                                                                                    Peace Of Mind LLC


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