Kualapu`u Running Team Thank You

On behalf of the Kualapu`u School running team, I would like to thank the following individuals for the time and monetary contributions that they made so that this team could attend the Honolulu 5K for Kids on May 1. 

Mike and Nicole Kahale, Matt and Erika Helm, Kiley Adolpho, and Lydia Trinidad – thanks for being there as the support team on race day!
Kiku and Kevin Donnelly, Phillip Kikukawa, Katina Soares, Joyce Haase, Ian Haskins, Ryan Link, and Maria Holmes from Coffees of Hawaii – thanks for helping to put on the on-island 5K “practice” races so that the team could be ready to race against a larger Oahu field. 
Maria Ruiz, Geneva Castro, Christie Lambert, Faye Lite, Leila Elia, Kamalu Poepoe, Michelle Maioho, and Merry K. and Brent Kiyan – thanks for contributing to our cause so that we had enough money to pay for our airfare and two of our rooms.
Alestra Menendez, Julie Lopez, Erika Stein, Petey Bender, Emily Harte, Jessie Ford, Kim Link, Stefani Melvin, Juanita Colon, Kevin Montague, Jim Doran, James Espaniola, Chavis Purdy, Wade Buscher, Pete Colman, Michaiah Soares, Frank Magri, Akona Adolpho, Kaimana Kahale, Traci and Steven Stevensen, Kathy and Mark Haskins, Ellen and Dan Reed, and Marshall Joy and Hazel Hernandez- thanks for supporting us by racing in the adult division in at least one of our five pre-event 5Ks. 

Through the support of these individuals we were able to fundraise $1,200 and we began to build a community of road runners and racers.  We plan to continue hosting twice monthly events to finish raising the remaining $800 expense of this trip.  Our next event is Saturday, May 14.  Race start is 7 a.m. from Coffees.

Sue Forbes-Kikukawa


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