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Krazy For Kolea Kontest Winners

Nene O Molokai News Release

This year’s 16th annual Krazy For Kolea Kontest winner was an unusually early kolea on the grass at the Puko`o harbor spotted by Mia Evans on July 19. She will receive a Kolea Research T-shirt from the Hawaii Audubon Society and a certificate for a free scoop of ice cream at Kamoi Snack-N-Go.

The kolea or Pacific Golden-Plover (Pluvialis fulva) has one of the longest transoceanic migrations of any of the world’s shorebirds, with some birds flying from breeding grounds in Alaska to winter as far away as Madagascar. The species has been documented migrating at speeds of up to 118 miles per hour. In Hawaii, the winter range of the kolea include pastures and cultivated fields, coastal wetlands, golf courses and residential lawns. The kolea spends most of its daylight hours foraging and can be recognized from a distance by its peculiar feeding behavior of run-stop-run.

Each year, Nene O Molokai holds the Krazy For Kolea Kontest in which residents and visitors record the return of the birds to winter habitats, marking the end of the breeding season.

The second place kolea was observed Aug 1, by Steve Berkson on the Ualapue Pond wall. Pat Crandall reported the third place kolea on Paloa Loop Road at Kaluakoi. Other winners, in order of kolea appearances, are Bill Feeter, Doug Beijer, Ayda Sirin, Alexa Dudoit, Barbara Brake, Greg Jenkins, and Beth Ann Kee. Winning kolea were seen at the Kaunakakai fire station, on the beach in Kawela, Molokai Sea Farms, Kamalo, and Kilohana School. Mahalo to all the other participants who reported a kolea but didn’t place… there’s always next year!

Many more kolea will return to Molokai over the next six weeks, so be on the lookout for banded birds! Bird bands are read as if reading a book, that is, the bird’s left leg top to bottom, then the bird’s right leg top to bottom. Krazy For Kolea Kontest winners should call Arleone 553-5992 or email researchbirds@yahoo.com to receive their prizes.


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