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Krazy for Kolea Kontest Winners

Nene O Molokai News Release

In the 23rd annual Krazy for Kolea Kontest, the Haase family takes first, second and third place for spotting this year’s kolea returnees with Butch number one, Evelyn number two, and Joyce number three. All three birds each observed hours apart at different locations in Kaunakakai on
Aug. 7. Butch will receive a Kolea research T-shirt and all three Haase members a free scoop of ice cream.

The kolea or Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva) is a swift flying shorebird and has been recorded migrating at 118 mph, although an average of 56 to 60 miles mph is more typical. Females are first to leave breeding grounds in Alaska, with adult males arriving by the end of September and juveniles in October. The species is long-lived (25-plus years), and birds annually return to the same territory on winter grounds. Kolea on their northern migration may have aided ancient navigators with the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands, and the bird figured prominently in Hawaiian folklore: it is considered to be the embodiment of the god of healing, Koleamoku, and a messenger of high chiefs.

On Aug. 8, Scott and Joy Schaefer reported a kolea on a grass lawn in Kalamaula, and on the Aug. 10, Dickie Stone described the two female kolea at his Pukoo workplace fighting and arguing loudly while re-establishing last season’s territorial boundaries. Barbara Bostwick was happy to see her kolea come home to Kamalo on Aug. 12, Kim Svetin observed two kolea at the wharf on Aug. 31, George Mordant’s kolea was seen on Aug. 17 and Maile Orme reported her’s on Aug. 18 (the latter two birds make Home Pumehana their territories). And although several previous participants wish to remain anonymous after their birds returned on time, all participants will receive a gift certificate for one scoop of ice cream at Kamoi Snack-N-Go. Congratulations!

Mahalo for contributing arrival data for the 23rd annual Krazy For Kolea Kontest. All winners call Arleone at 553-5992 to receive your Kamoi Snack-N-Go ice cream gift certificate… and have a great treat with your kolea!


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