Keiki Wave Riders

By Melissa Kelsey

At the Keiki Surf Meet at Wailua Beach last Saturday, Molokai keiki proved that when it comes to the water, they are in their element. From paddling into their own wave to switching stance on their board mid-wave, the competition entrants made their marks with style.  

“It gives them something to do on the weekends, and surfing is a good thing to do,” said parent Earl Dunnam. “It allows them something to work toward.”   

Parents and volunteers cheered from the sand and waded to their knees in the water to guard the safety of the kids as they performed daring maneuvers.    

“If you look, the parents are helping even kids they do not know,” said parent Malu Dunnam.

The meet was one of three Keiki Surf Meets that will be held this summer, according to volunteer meet director Peter Angelsea. The volunteer based organization Ko Molokai Keiki O Ke Kai runs the event annually, with the help of parents and donations from local businesses.


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