Keiki Host Poetry Night

Kualapu`u School Poetry Club showcases skills.

Maeva Cummings, Kilikea Hanchett, Peni Tilini, Naalii Lindsey-Argel, and John-Michael Mokiao-Duvauchelle read Shel Silverstein's Eight Balloons at Poetry Night.

By Maeva Cummings, Peni Tilini, John-Michael Mokiao-Duvauchelle, Naalii Lindsey-Argel, and Kilikea Hanchett (3rd grade students at Kualapu`u)

On Tuesday, May 27, 2008, at 5 p.m. Mrs. Labrador’s Poetry Club from Kualapu`u School read a variety of poems for their Poetry Night that took place in Mrs. Labrador’s classroom. The Poetry Club students were Maeva Cummings, Peni Tilini, Naalii Lindsey-Argel, John-Michael Mokiao-Duvauchelle, and Kilikea Hanchett-Lopez.

The students invited their families to the poetry night. Mrs. Labrador, Mrs. Lani, Mr. Labrador, Ms. Estes, and Ms. Seguritan also attended the poetry night.

All of the poems were by the famous poet Shel Silverstein. All students read the poem “Eight Balloons.” Each student also chose two poems of their choice to read for their families. Some of the poems read were “Homework Machine,” “Signals,” “Batty,” “Ations,” and “Hot Dog.”

To prepare for the Poetry Night, the students practiced for many months at home and at school. They were working on improving their reading fluency. It is important to improve reading fluency to be able to read accurately and smoothly. All five students made gains this year in reading fluency. They were awarded at poetry night for their achievements.


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