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Keep School Grounds Clean

We need your help. Please malama our school, Kaunakakai Elementary. We realize that there are many sport events close to our school and that there is no other playground in town. However, Kaunakakai School is actually not a public park and you are loitering if you are on our campus. If you do find yourself on our school grounds after school hours, please remember that children and teachers may still be working on campus, even on the weekends. The parking lots are part of the Department of Education property and therefore, there is no smoking or drinking alcohol permitted anywhere on the property at any time. When in our parking lot by the soccer field, please be mindful of what you say and do because we can hear you through the windows.

It’s really disheartening coming to school after a weekend and finding trash, pet droppings, mud in our outdoor sinks and on our playground equipment, and even toilet paper behind school bushes. We need your help in keeping Kaunakakai Elementary a safe, clean, pleasant learning environment for our students and staff.


Kaunakakai Elementary School Student Council


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