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Keani is the Effective Candidate

For the past two years, Keani Rawlins-Fernandez has served as Molokai’s member on the Maui County Council and what she has accomplished in that short time is quite remarkable. When the Navy proposed military training in the nearshore waters of south Molokai, Keani immediately drafted, championed and passed a resolution opposing the proposal to protect the area for subsistence gathering. When short-term vacation rental homes threatened to consume rural neighborhoods, Keani managed to pass a zero cap for Molokai, protecting our lifestyle and our housing inventory and affordability for residents.

As the Budget Chair, Keani led the council through two successful sessions resulting in the delivery of balanced, equitable, and diversified budgets reflective of community needs and innovative ideas such as: $2.5million in microgrants to small farmers, a smokeless incinerator for the Molokai Landfill, and $500K for a climate change and sea level rise master plan for Molokai. When covid-19 shut down government hearings and public processes across the state, it was due to Keani’s ingenuity and steadfastness that the Council quickly transitioned to convening online meetings, ensuring that transparency and accountability would not be lost. Not only is Keani compassionate and emanating of aloha, she also brings to the table a long list of demonstrated and measurable actions, she’s delivered on every single campaign promise made just two years ago, and she has remained consistent throughout.

Keani is the most motivated, dedicated and determined person I know. She works tirelessly and fearlessly for the betterment of our ‘aina and people and is unwavering in her moral and ethical standards. So often I hear the sentiment from elders that “we need the next generation to step up and lead.” Keani has stepped up to accept that responsibility and has proven herself effective and worthy of the position. I hope that you will join me in voting to re-elect Keani Rawlins-Fernandez as Molokai’s representative on the Maui County Council.

Mahalo nui,

Mahina Poepoe
Molokai Resident


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