Kaunakakai School Thefts

On Feb. 9, students came to Kaunakakai Elementary and found that someone had stolen the wind screens from their outside eating area. To you who stole these items from our kids, I know you don’t care about the health and welfare of our youngest children; I know you don’t care about shade and wind breaks for the student dining area; I know you don’t care that your “problem,” or whatever it is that is causing you to do this, is going to affect the 300 students at our school. I do know that all you care about is yourself. And, by the way, this is the third time that this has happened. 

In the past few weeks, two classroom teachers have reported these same items being taken from their outdoor class areas. Disgusting. ‘Nuff already. 

Glenn Kondo

PTT, Kaunakakai Elementary School


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