Kalaupapa to Send Singers to Old Hawaiian Music Contest

Once a year a unique music contest takes its listeners back in time to old Hawaii. Musicians play only pre-World War II instruments and mele of the Nahenahe (old time Hawaiian) style.

Makia Malo, one of the most well-known residents of Kalaupapa, will be singing with fellow members of his community. When Malo’s voice resonates throughout the building, his friends will be harmonizing alongside him, singing and playing the ukulele and guitar.

These men make up the first group to ever represent Molokai at Ka Himeni Aha, 23rd annual Hawaiian music contest.

Competing in the contest was Makia’s idea. “Just one morning he woke up and turned to me and said that he wanted to perform in Ka Himeni Aha this year,” said Ann Malo, Makia’s wife and manager.

But that is the type of man Makia is.

was a wonderful homestead, because if you were tired you could go there and rest, if you were hungry, or if you needed anything, you could go there and be offered help,” said Ann.

Malo encourages Molokai residents to come to the Hawaii Theater on Aug. 4 at 7 p.m. to enjoy “sweet slice of old Hawaii.” Ticket prices start at just $6 and can be purchased by calling the Hawaii Theater box office at (808) 528-0506, or at their Web site. Discounts are available to residents of Molokai. Please contact Anne Malo at (808) 949-4999 for more information. Those who attend and wish to show the Molokai group their support can wear the same green Kukui leaf Aloha shirts that the men will be wearing. They are available from T & L MuuMuu Factory in Honolulu.


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