Kalaupapa Raises Money for Storm Victims

By Rick Schonely and Richard Miller

The legacy of Kalaupapa, the very soul of Kalaupapa, is love and compassion.  In this community founded on adversity, offering a helping hand to one another to get through the tough times has always been a way of life that still continues today.  So it was only natural that in the aftermath of the devastating hurricanes which struck the people in Texas and Florida, the folks in Kalaupapa looked for a way to help.

Noting that few things bring people together better than music and food, Richard Miller, pastor of Kana`ana Hou/Siloama Church in Kalaupapa, spearheaded a community effort to support those in need with donations garnered through a benefit show and pot luck.  Members of the Kalaupapa Backyard Band, along with singers, musicians, dancer, and cooks from the community gave it their all Monday evening, Sept. 11, bringing their aloha through music, food, and fun, while raising awareness, spirit and more than $500 in contributions. The concert was held at Aunty Gloria Mark’s iconic Fuesaina’s Bar and we would like to thank her for her hospitality and her generous donation.

The donations from that night will be added to the $1000 collected through the church. All funds are being administered by the Hawaii Conference of the United Church of Christ to ensure that the money goes to the people who truly require assistance.

Heartfelt thanks are extended to all the people in Kalaupapa who helped in any way to aid our sisters and brothers in need.


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