Kalaiakamanu Hou Church Celebrates 150 Years

Community Contributed

By Marie Yamashita

Kalaiakamanu Hou Congregational Church will celebrate its sesquicentennial on Sat. Nov. 26. on the spacious grounds of the church in Kalamaula. It will be a memorable day for the church. Established in 1866 in Kaunakakai, it was known as the Kaunakakai Protestant Church. In 1909, it moved into its new church built on the seashore of Kaunakakai and named it Kalaiakamanu—the resting place of birds. In 1928, the church moved to the present site, added “Hou” to its name and became Kalaiakamanu Hou Congregational Church.

Planning for the anniversary celebration has been going on for months. The program will begin at 10 a.m. with a worship service followed by a luncheon. In the social hall there will be displays of pictures of events and people past and present. Invitations were sent to the church’s living, former pastors, and responses were heartwarming.

We hope to see friends and members of sister churches. Most especially, with the long history of our church in mind, we extend a special “ welcome home” to those who are connected to us through family history. It would be a blessing to see in the pews the descendants of Grandma Emily Maliu, Duke, Jo Wilson and Edith Meyer, the ohana Pua`a — John, Amy, Gabriel, Mina; Kamakana — William, Lily Paoa; Pe`elua — Hapipa, Heli, John; Kaai — Lehua, Matilda, Pearl, Maka, Kulani, David; Ella Rodrigues; Iaea–Gussie, Stella; Ka`upu — Willie, Napua, Edwin, Cecilia; Kimball–Mary, Pudgie; Russell Kikukawa, Julia Kuahulu, Walter Kawa’a, Ed Shimabukuro, Misaki–Grace, Spencer — Eldridge, Isabella; Hussey — Ben, Rachel; Borsella — Julius, Louise; Henry Yamashita. Other names that are in the history of our church include: William Aki, Albert Kahinu, Nailau Pahupu, Miala Meyer, and Iola Forbes. Surely there are others we sincerely hope we didn’t forget.

We have always been a hymn singing, joyous congregation. Let us hope there will be a much singing of hymns that day. Personally , I’d like to sing “Na Iesu No I Ha`awi Mai.” Speak up for yours.

What an unforgettable birthday celebration it will be!

Mahalo to Marie Yamashita for this contribution. Marie became the church historian in 1966. She worked tirelessly along with Miss Abigail Loomis to reconstruct 125 years of history. We are indebted to her persistence and dedication. This 150 year celebration will mark Marie’s 63 years as a member of this church. -Uluwehi Sai, Moderator


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