Ka Molokai Makahiki

Heavy rains poured down on Molokai last Friday night as Lono announced his presence just in time for the island’s annual Makahiki Games. The games’ origins date back to ancient Hawaiian times, but have been growing more and more popular since they were brought back to Molokai a few decades ago. Over 200 athletes from every island except Kaho`olawe participated this year and the competition was as good as it’s ever been.

–>Hukihuki:  Kelly Rawlins, Kalehua Sproat-Augustiro, Tita Calairo, Drig Pedro, Reesha Villa, Kamele Garces-Reyes / Relentless



            1st Place:  Relentless – 90 pts.

            2nd Place:  A’ole La’au – 88 pts.

            3rd Place:  Na Hoaloha – 76 pts.

            4th Place:  Coast Guard  – 66 pts.


MEN’S ADULT  TEAM  DIVISION :  1st Place Winner/Team Name


  1. Ulumaika:  Josh Pastrana/Officials
  2. Moa Pahe`e:  Eli Maioho/  Jared Sasadas
  3. `O`oihe:  Kekamalu Ulloa / Na Kipu`upu`u
  4. Pohaku:  Kaina Makua / Officials
  5. Haka Moa:  Eli Maioho / Jared Sasadas
  6. Pa Uma:  Kaina Makua / Officials
  7. 100 Yd.:  Keli’i Kotubetey / Officials
  8. Uma:  Keahi Rawlins / Jared Sasadas
  9. 440 Yd.:  Keli’i Kotubetey / Officials
  10. Hukihuki:  Fred Aki, Micah Buchanan, Keahi Rawlins, Bronson Borden, Kalani Crowell, Chucky Boy Buchanan / Jared Sasadas




            1ST Place:  Officials – 90 pts.

            2nd Place:  Jared Sasadas – 82 pts.

            3rd Place:  Na Kipu`upu`u – 58 pts.

            4th Place:  USCG Kittiwake – 34 pts.



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