Ka Molokai Keiki O Ke Kai Surf Finals

At the end of the awards ceremony, surfers and their families packed up their gear and began to head home. Taoaatua and Hoararai Pou both proudly picked up the new surfboards they had won but rather than packing them up, they gave them over to the runners-up of the competition.

“They gave their boards away to bless other kids,” said Teva Pou. “That way the other kids are able to get better at surfing.”

With the end of Molokai’s Keiki Surf meets for the 2007 season, the little rippers have the rest of the year to prepare for the competition next year.

The Ka Molokai Keiki O Ke Kai is officially recognized by the Hawaiian Surfing Foundation and is sponsored by the Friendly Isle United Way. Other sponsors include O’Neil, Channel Islands, Molokai Surf, Molokai Pizza Café, Friendly Market and Kamo`i Snack n Go.


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