Ka Hula Piko

There are several traditions to the birth of hula. Molokai celebrates our version, and we welcome all who choose to share in it with us.   

Each year, Kumu John Ka'imikaua would provide insight, share history and paint pictures of days gone past with his vivid details, chants and hula.

He was always able to bring forth different topics, conduct different excursions, and take us to different points in history. He would help us to understand more fully our ancestors, this island and our place in the world.  

One of the alaka'i or leaders of Kumu John's halau on Molokai is Keoki Pescaia. He shares, "Kumu truly loved this island. The gifts that he had, the things that were passed to him, he shared them, even though he knew people would ridicule him or maybe not take him seriously. But he stuck to his beliefs, and today we're able to share with others, the same light he passed to us. The light of hula, the light of stories, history, traditions…he planted the seeds in plenty people, and today, we can continue that legacy." 

Widely known for reviving and perpetuating many of Molokai’s chants, hula and legends, Kumu John is considered by many as being among the greatest kumu hula of our time.  

In 1991, John Ka’imikaua founded Ka Hula Piko, a three-day festival celebrating the birthplace of hula here on Molokai. Since its inception, Kumu John had remained committed to the event acting as its guiding force and providing spiritual grounding. 

Kumu John passed away this past last June at his home in Makakilo.


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