Just Another Day

Community Contributed by Christy LenWai – Kaiama

Up at 4, 6:30 out the door
Open up at 6, making coffee
For Uncle’s fix, filling up the ice
Sometimes the customers are nice
Standing on my feet, feeling the heat
Trying to get people food to eat
Working up a sweat, walking back and forth
Trying to remember, what everything is worth
People come, people go, some you know, some you don’t
It’s an emotional drama, trying to be a good momma
Sometimes you don’t really wanna, but you gotta
Try to make the best of some of the worst
Things in life has for you
Just try and try to continue!
Rise and shine, get ready for work
The same routine 5 days a week
Even on weekends, it’s hard to stop.
You wake up the same time, every day, on the dot.
Touch money, carry ice, make coffee, try to be nice.
It only takes one to make your day
Sometimes good for the rest of the day
On my feet 8 hours a day
No break, sometimes no eat,
Back and forth, “no way” could you handle
In the “high Heat Degrees”
Trying to get people what they want “to be pleased”
It’s really hard sometimes to “smile ”
And “walk” and “sweat” and “hold up” the whole while
I’d like to see you try
To be the super guy, like “we really try”
Then only then you will see why
After that, go home, not done yet
But “lot’s to do” waiting at home “for you”
The animals, the laundry
And dinner to make
When “oh when, will I be cut a break!?”
I didn’t eat yet but I could eat a horse!
But no strength left, of course!
Carry on! Or fall in bed?
Take a bath and rest my head
Close my eyes and wake then its dark
Stomach still growling, I fumble about
A few more hours to rest the nite away
Only to wake up again, to start another day.
Same routine different day, here we go again!
Hip Hip Hooray!


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