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Join in Planning Molokai’s Future

By Molokai Dispatch Staff

An important process is taking place: a community plan for the next 20 years of Molokai’s future is being developed and your input is requested. Each community within Maui County has a blueprint plan that guides decision-making and that plan is updated periodically. Right now, the County of Maui Planning division is facilitating the development of Molokai’s Community Plan over a period of six months.

The Community Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) is comprised of 13 Molokai residents and is currently reviewing and offering recommendations to the plan. The next meeting is Tuesday, and the public is invited to each meeting.

Agendas for the meetings are available on the County website here. The public can offer testimony at the beginning of each meeting, either orally or in writing. This is a crucial opportunity to offer your feedback on various aspects of Molokai’s future.

Tuesday’s CPAC meeting will be held at the Mitchell Pauole Center at 3 p.m. The committee will be reviewing and giving recommendations on Chapter 1 – Introduction, Chapter 2 – Molokai’s Future, Chapter 3 – Natural, Heritage and Scenic Resources, and Chapter 4 – Hazards.

The next meetings will be held on Aug. 5 and 6 at the Mitchell Pauole Center. Check the county’s website for agendas.

CPAC meetings will continue through September. This will be followed by another six-month period review of the draft plan by the Molokai Planning Commission. After that, the updated plan will be in the hands of the County Council for one year, during which more public hearings will be held. The final draft of the community plan will then be reviewed by the Mayor’s office before it’s finalized.

For more information on the process and timeline, click here.


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