John Blumer-Buell – State Senate 6th District (East Maui-Molokai-Lanai-Kahoolawe)

The biggest issue for Molokai is self-determination. Molokai needs to determine its own future with regards to land use planning and natural resource issues. How can you create this within the system? Can Molokai become its own county? A constitutional amendment, would allow people to choose. If people want Molokai want to become its own county, I would support the process.

I really admire the Molokai community for standing up for what is pono. I have watched every La`au hearing on Akaku and I support people of Molokai against this development.
I have also been following Molokai’s hopes to buy Molokai Ranch in order to create wind farms. If this would make the island economically independent, this is something we should all consider seriously.

With regards to an economic plan for Molokai, I strongly believe the people of Molokai know what’s best. It’s up to the creativity of the people to inspire appropriate economic development. A good place to start would be to provide essential human needs which include control of the water so that people can grow their own food crops. The state and county should support subsistence because Molokai is in best position to realize a subsistence-based economy. Molokai represents a unique opportunity because it has not been over-developed.

In 1995, I helped facilitate the transfer of the state owned and operated Hana Medical Center to the Hana Community. Kalani deceitfully privatized the health center and has been a supporter of their proposed $26 – $52 million tax-payer funded health and wellness village – I completely oppose that. I continue to advocate giving control of Hana’s health needs back to community – Hana deserves better.

If elected, I will be on Molokai once a month to meet with people to work on Molokai’s preferred future. The people of Molokai have been successfully informing rest of state about themselves – people all over Hana know about Molokai issues. It is through better communication that things change and while I can offer good advice, it is the people who know best.


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