Jobs for Teens Available Now

Community Contributed

By Karen Holt

All Molokai youths ages 14-23 are now eligible for jobs paying $8-18/hour, depending on education and experience.  The program ends on September 30, 2010. 

To apply for work, contact the Molokai Community Service Council at 553-3244, or visit MCSC’s office, across the street from the Hawaiian Telcom phone company.

Employers are also needed to put these youths to work.  Wages will be paid 100 percent by the U.S. Department of Defense, which is handling all payroll duties.  Employers do not need to pay anything for these workers.  Contact MCSC at 553-3244 to become an authorized worksite.

Nonprofit organizations, government agencies and churches will automatically be assigned workers.  Private businesses can also receive workers, but they must agree to provide weekly performance evaluations under MCSC’s Youth Job Training program.

The Paxen Group is running this youth employment program statewide.  On Molokai, MCSC is assisting Paxen.  Let’s put all of our kids and young adults to work!  Contact the Molokai Community Service Council at 553-3244 to apply for work or to become an approved youth employer.

Molokai Community Service Council
25 Kamehameha Highway
P.O. Box 2047
Kaunakakai, Hawa‘i  96748
Phone:  808-553-3244
E-mail:  mcsc@molokai.org


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