Letters: Jaywalking on Molokai

Recently the Molokai Police cited warning tickets for jaywalking in Kaunakakai town. Why? The Police Department had a public meeting on Molokai recently and some locals (not malahini) complained about people walking across the roads in town–not using the crosswalk–and it might cause an accident. Police must act on public complaints. I’m sure they could be doing more important things on Molokai (family abuse and illegal drugs, etc.)

Molokai has a history of being patient while a person slowly walks across the road or stops in the middle of the road in town to talk story for a minute or two. There is a choice – continue the Molokai lifestyle of being patient, a little talk story in the middle of the road, use the “shaka” sign, or be like Maui and Oahu with crosswalk flashing signs that say “walk/don’t walk,” traffic lights, parking meters, etc. Then change the sign at Molokai airport to “Bye, bye Molokai.” Only on Molokai there are times when you don’t need the newspaper — people tell you what you did before you did it.

On another note, construction of the Molokai Veteran Center building has stopped. A grant of $200,000 has been approved by the Maui Council to complete the construction of the building. Before the veterans accept the grant, there are a couple of conditions in the written agreement that need to be changed. We are on hold until further notice.

Larry Helm, Concerned Citizen
Commander, Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans