It’s a Hit!

The younger children at MYC made lists of things they liked, and put them on a poster. From those lists, two upbeat songs were composed, “Loving Molokai” and “I Like Molokai.” The songs go straight to the heart of those who listen to them.

In “Loving Molokai,” the kids describe the island to a reggae beat exactly the way it is. “No traffic, no malls, no stoplights, no rubbish … That’s Molokai, Molokai.”

Kanahele Montizor plays the ukulele on “I Like Molokai,” pulling Hawaiian tunes that flawlessly weave into the little children’s voices as they sing about fishing, swimming, hunting, cruising, or just hanging out in taro patches and fishponds.

The project was so successful that Hanchett and Adachi said some kids came back with new songs. Other kids who didn’t participate in the project already brought their own songs in hopes of recording them.

“The focus of our studio is to allow Molokai’s youth to share their stories through music,” Hanchett said.

The music project will continue. “Hopefully we will be recording the next CD soon, before the end of the year,” Hanchett said. But the studio is also open for recording sessions anytime. Hanchett said anybody who whishes to come can call Adachi at 553-3675.

Congratulations to all the young talents who participated in this project. Special thanks to Kamehameha School guitar teacher Bailey Matsuda, and UH’s Tim Slaughter for their help in crafting the project with the kids. Hopefully one day MYC will have one of its CDs available in stores.


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