Island Air Cancels Mid-Week Flights

Molokai travelers already have a very slim list of options when it comes to getting off-island, but as of this Monday that list grew even shorter.

Starting in February, Island Air is no longer offering flights from Molokai to Maui during the middle of the week. The Honolulu-based airline has indefinitely suspended all Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday flights between the two islands. The cutback causes problems for handicapped or elderly passengers who are incapable of riding smaller planes operated by Mokulele, Molokai’s only other airline with regular routes to Maui.

like a few months ago what is going to happen to people on dialysis if they can’t be flown to another hospital?”

Liddel collected hundreds of signatures to send to the airline in her first week. She said she plans to continue to send petitions to Island Air on a regular basis until the flights are reinstated.


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