Iron like Lions in Zion after 68 Years

Kids on Molokai were likely asking “where are all our parents?” this weekend as the Molokai Lion’s Club celebrated its 68th Charter anniversary in three full days of brunches, golf, hiking, Ogo gathering, and a Saturday Luau. Lions from all over Hawaii- and even places as remote as Maine and Oregon- came out in force to lift each others spirits and compare tales of community service.

Though the mood was merry, the Lion’s were still doing their best to help those in need through the event; a raffle and silent auction saw Lion’s members buying raffle tickets and bidding on items donated by 55 local individuals and businesses, with proceeds going towards the Lions’ various causes, including helping the visually and hearing impaired.

Molokai’s two newest Lions Bruce and Sheri Yamashita – who donated the event’s grand prize, a multimedia computer system eventually won by District Governor Mervin Wee- were officially inaugurated on Saturday. The couple is of staunch Lion pedigree; Sheri’s father, Mits Watanabe, is one of the club’s most active members, while Bruce’s father Henry was a 60-year charter member.

Wee gave a rousing speech about being a Lion at the banquet dinner Saturday, reflecting on being able to go anywhere in the world and “have friends”. The Lion’s Club is a “medium through which you can express the goodwill in your heart.”

Molokai’s Lion’s Club also celebrated the anniversary of it’s Leo’s Club; the young Lion’s division of chapter 50 celebrated its 15th Anniversary. The hardworking youngsters sold raffle tickets and were heavily involved in the administrative aspect of the weekend’s festivities.

The Lion’s Club is the charity organization with the worlds largest serving membership. The Molokai Chapter prides itself in providing vision screening, performing trash pick-up days, and taking the initiative to provide volunteers for various seasonal events such as Halloween parties and the upcoming Easter Egg hunt for kids in Kaunakakai.


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