Inviting Energy

Chinese art of feng shui shapes a home’s atmosphere.   

By Melissa Kelsey

Feng shui expert Clear Englebert demonstrated how outdoor décor can invite positive energy into a home.

The design of the front entrance leading into a person’s home can influence the health, harmony and prosperity of their lives, according to feng shui instructor Clear Englebert. During his June 26 class at Kalele Bookstore, Englebert illustrated how a home’s exterior has the potential to invite positive energy inside.

“When people go past your home, you want them to turn their head and smile,” said Englebert.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art form of home design. With more than ten people in attendance, Englebert said his Molokai class was popular and attracted more people than his Kapiolani Community College class on Oahu.  

Energizing Elements
In the feng shui philosophy, Englebert explained how movement, light, sound and fragrance are four elements that attract energy. As a result, decorative components such as running water, music, color and scented objects effectively influence a home’s atmosphere.

The color red attracts attention and invites energy. To incorporate that feng shui principle, Englebert suggested planting red foliage next to a home’s front door and around the driveway entrance. However, it is important to not rely solely on flowers for this effect, since they usually only bloom for a short season. As an alternative to red plants, Englebert advised planting inside red pots at strategic entrance areas.

Plants with thorns or other “pokey” edges should not be used near the entrance of a home, because sharp edges turn away positive energy, according to Englebert. Instead, he said the best plants for front yards have fat, rounded leaves. Jade and sea grape were two plants he suggested for this purpose.

To invite good energy inside, it should be clear to passersby which door of the house is the front door, following the house’s original architectural plans. The front door should be much more noticeable than the garage door, and the garage door should be painted the same color as the house to make it less pronounced.

“Our feet follow our eyes,” said Englebert.

Inside the door, the front entrance should be uncluttered, and should especially not store too many slippers.

“Do not store every shoe in the house inside the front door,” Englebert explained.

Upcoming Classes
The June 26 class was the first session of a three-part tutorial on feng shui Englebert is teaching at Kalele Bookstore in Kaunakakai. His next two classes will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on July 10 and July 24, and will both feature feng shui topics for a home’s interior. Pre-registration is required, and to sign up, community members should call 553-5112. Because class size is limited, interested individuals should sign up early. Tickets cost five dollars per class.

Instructor Englebert resides on Oahu, where he maintains a feng shui consulting practice. He is the author of three books: “Feng Shui for Hawaii,” “Feng Shui Demystified” and “Bedroom Feng Shui.”


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