International Renewable Energy Workshop

Sust`aina-ble Molokai News Release

Sust`aina-ble Molokai staff will be participating in a workshop, that will take place in Denmark, at the Samso Energy Academy starting on June 2 8. The opportunity will include other international grass roots organizations focused on local community involvement in the implementation of renewable energy projects.

The organizations, which all are experienced in implementing renewable energy at the community level, are members of the Tentou Project (pronounced “ten-two”), which is based on Samso’s success of involving local stakeholders in the planning process and the resulting master plan for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

“When we started in 1998 to become Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island, we did not have the experience and tools we have today in involving people and businesses in the planning process,” says Søren Hermansen, Director of Samso Energy Academy. “It was hard work and we made mistakes along the way, but we’re quick learners. After 10 years, Samso was producing more renewable energy than it could use, with the excess electricity being exported to the mainland.”

Tentou Project participants are getting a deeper understanding of how to engage the local community and develop a master plan. One of the methods is based on the Pioneer Guide, developed by Samso Energy Academy to provide insight and skills regarding local community involvement.

“People on Molokai pay very high prices for diesel-powered electricity, and by making the transition to renewable energy, we will be helping our local economy as well as the environment,” says Emillia Noordhoek, Sust`aina-ble Molokai’s Director of Renewable Resources. “Sust`aina-ble Molokai’s participation in the Tentou Project enhances our dialog with partner organizations in Japan, Australia, Denmark, and the State of Maine, and provides insight into ways to engage the local community. Besides our work on Molokai, our aim is to work with renewable energy organizations on other islands, sharing best practices we’ve learned through our own work and from our partner organizations.”

According to Hermansen, “The Tentou Project provides a structured way to introduce some of the key processes and concepts that we’ve developed at Samso Energy Academy to similar renewable energy organizations around the world. The upcoming workshop brings project participants together to discuss these processes, which they can refine and adapt locally.”
For information about the Tentou Project, please contact Emillia Noordhoek, Director of Renewable Resources, Sust`aina-ble Molokai: Email emillia@sustainablemolokai.org or mobile phone 808-658-0037.


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