Integrity of Molokai History

Aloha,  While reading the plan to put wind towers on Moloka’i to create energy for the people is very questionable when there are other affordable, less invasive and easier to maintain are all the good reasons not to settle for that lame brain idea just to make money again off of the backs of the people who love Moloka’i.  Kick them out…and work with the community to find these options that are really good for the people of Moloka’i.  Enough of these speculators who don’t have any genealogical, cultural, governmental or economic ties to truly help the people of Moloka’i survive these on coming economic crunches that will affect everyone’s way of life.  Moloka’i can be the bread basket again, and again and again.  Energy and keeping Hawai’i good green is to include and energy plan while we involve the community in building better relationships amongst those who have roots here and build on that all the businesses needed to get Moloka’i on the map again.

Moving Home,

Kawehi Kanui, Great Grand daughter of The Chiefess

Kane Ala’e, Daughter of Luahiwa of Moloka’i and a

Descendant of Kauwahine (Ku) of Ni’ihau


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