Inspired by Molokai

By Lucienne de Naie

Inspired by Molokai

It was great to see some inspired Molokai representatives at the recent State Planning Conference and to get a copy of the Molokai Plan (Molokai Future of a Hawaiian Island). I want to thank all of those who worked to put this plan together. I read it and passed on copies to others, and it is now acting as a catalyst to inspire folks on Maui.

The ideas expressed in the Plan are where our communities need to go. We need to shape the kind of visitor base we want, and de-link tourism from land speculation if our communities are to survive as real places for local families to live, learn and prosper. Then we need to substitute new and better varieties of economic activity that actually benefit our residents. I have long been committed to these same values. That is one of the reasons that I chose to climb the formidable mountain which an independent candidate faces, when reaching for public office.

We on Maui see Moloka'i as leading the way through these turbulent times. The idea of having a "Molokai County Code" would be a step in the right direction to allow the independent spirit of Moloka'i Nui a Hina to take shape and emerge into its own unique expression.

Many believe that this is a time for leaders with vision to come forward and offer a new pathway into the future. Like you all, I have worked quietly for many years on Maui to bring forth into reality many small pieces of a larger vision.

This vision includes the return of our waters to Maui's people. The protection and care of our Wahi Pana and the resources that are a vital part of the natural cycle of life, like our reefs, wetlands, agricultural lands and forests.

Progress has been slow, but it has been steady. Now is the time to take on the largest challenge of all: building a new and sustainable economic future based upon cooperation rather than exploitation. This will be a challenging task, and will span many years, but it will be the one lasting legacy that would make worthwhile the many long battles we have all waged.

I welcome the support of all like-minded leaders in this undertaking. If you agree that it would be important to elect representatives who are already working for the same visions you hold, rather than trying to convince the well-meaning status quo candidates we usually get, please help me reach the people of Moloka'i who want a new future.

Please Kokua

I am running for the East Maui Council seat, currently held by Bill Medeiros. He is endorsed by the majority of unions, chamber of Commerce etc. I am endorsed by the Sierra Club and Conservation Voters of Hawaii, but my campaign support goes far beyond the environmental community.I am writing to ask for your support and your help. My webpage gives lots of info about what I stand for. I know most of you from hearings and statewide campaigns to protect our lands, waters, native people and plants.

Mahealani kindly offered to put up flyers about my campaign for county council.
I want to send those over, but I'll need an address.

More importantly, I would like to visit Molokai soon and meet with folks to hear their mana'o. I am still actively serving as a GPAC member here on Maui, so I need to try to plan around that meeting schedule.

Are there any upcoming meetings or events that any of you would recommend I try to attend on Moloka'i? Would one of you, or others you know, be willing to host a gathering that I could attend?

Would one of you be willing to have your photo used in my brochure?

Other folks who are being featured in the brochure are Kelly King of Pacifc Biodiesel, Brian Yoshikawa of Maui Sporting Goods-fishing advocate, John and Rose Marie Duey, kalo farmers, Bob & Lis Richardson, community park builders, Tamara Paltrin, westside lifeguard, Jimmy Coniff, union truck driver retiree, Clare Apana, physical therapist and Native hawaiian burial protection advocate, Antonio Ramil, attorney and Filipino community leader.

The brochure will be mailed to 30k plus voters around mid October.

I would like to come over to Moloka'i for a day or so and attend community meeting or event, meet people, and then meet socially with more people to try to find a small team to help put up yard signs, spread the word through email etc.

The Political Landscape

I know that Moloka'i already has a good advocate on the County council. If the candidacies of Wayne Nishiki, JoAnne Johnson and Sol Kaho'ohalahala are successful, there is an opportunity to build a potential majority on many sustainable initiatives, if just one more seat could go to a candidate with a long term established commitment to sustainability. Then the future of Moloka'i , Lana'i and Maui islands could begin to head in a very different direction. It is not enough to just have a council person who is willing to listen to the community's ideas. We need Council members who do their homework and can find the way to make the system serve the people.

During the 2006 election, around 1,200 votes separated the two candidates for east maui council seat and nearly 7,000 ballots were left blank in that race. This is my goal, to reach the base of folks who supported Sam Kalalau in the 2006 election as well as those who supported me and the 7,000 or more voters who didn't know enough about either candidate to cast their vote (or didn't care for either candidate). I want to reach folks by phone, email, mail or in person and let them know what I stand for, and that I would be honored to work hard to represent them.

Molokai is at a turning point and has a big role to play in this election. If you want to work together to make the Molokai Plan into a reality, I'd truly appreciate any help and ideas you folks on Molokai can offer.

IMUA Lucienne de Naie, Candidate for East Maui Council 808 214-0147


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