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Inflammation: The Silent Killer

Part two of three.

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By Keone Chin

The inflammation we can see? Imagine having a cut on your finger. The redness, swelling, pain and warmth we may experience are attributed to inflammation. From the rushing of excess blood (redness, swelling) to the killing of the invaders (pain), the inflammation is doing its job. Although it may seem like it’s just a bump, lump or redness, it’s important to know that our bodies are fighting for survival.

What happens when we don’t see the inflammation?
We have a firestorm burning throughout our bodies.  Hidden inflammation within our body is a killer and can occur within our bodies without us even knowing. We must remember our bodies are not machines; there is no “off” button on our immune system.

As stated in my last article, acute inflammations can help save us.  Imagine what would happen if the inflammation was out of control, like a rebel army bent on destroying its own country. What few people understand is that hidden inflammation run amok is at the root of all chronic illness we experience. Order kratom online to try its health benefits that may help with inflammation and other health conditions.

Chronic Inflammation

Hidden inflammation has become known as chronic inflammation. Today modern medicine is starting to admit that chronic inflammation is the main contributing factor to all chronic degenerative diseases, and the root cause of the two greatest killers in America: cancer and heart disease.

Chronic inflammation in a nutshell: microorganisms cause inflammation within our blood vessels, and the inflammation attacks the inside of the arteries. Remember our battlefield strategist, cytokines?  These pro-inflammatory proteins may adhere to the artery walls causing an adhesive layer which grabs passing monocytes (aggressive white blood cells which kill off the invaders).  In over-active immune systems, the fight does not end, and this is where inflammation goes bad. If the inflammation does not stop their attacks, they will start killing cells our body needs. For example, the inflammation in the joint can eat away our cartilage and you’ve got a serious case of arthritis. Unchecked inflammation in the pancreas can cause diabetes.

Besides our immune cells being sent to the site to fight the inflammation, extra cells called lipoprotein A are sent to form a sticky patch over the infected area with passing cholesterol cells.  However, the inflammation is still under this bandage. As the inflammation gone wrong continues to fight, it grows and the bandage bulges. Eventually the vessel will explode.

Because the inflammation was not halted, the body must quickly respond. How do our bodies do this? A blood clot, formed at the site to patch up the damage.

Eventually, our body sends more lipoprotein to the area creating a larger patch, thus attracting more cholesterol to form a better bandage, but there lies a problem. Our blood tends to clots too much, from our diet and lifestyle, making the blood clot form bigger than what it needs to be.  The larger the clot, the more chances of it breaking loose. If it does break loose and it goes to your brain, you suffer a stroke. If it goes to your heart, you suffer a heart attack.

Keone Chin is not a medical professional or practitioner, and makes no medical claims. Chin’s perspectives on health and wellness come from the book “The Cure for Heart Disease; Truth Will Save a Nation,” by Dwight Lundell, M.D.


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