Independence Day Marlin Tips the Scales

Captain Clay Ching and son Josiah share a catch that would have made Moby Dick's Ishmael proud.

Captain Clay Ching, a local charter fisherman, is known to get lucky when it comes to fish. This past Fourth of July he got 533 lbs. of lucky when his crew landed a beautiful Pacific Blue Marlin.

Ching, aided by his son Josiah, hosted a couple from Denmark, who booked the charter just a day earlier.

“We went out Friday morning to an area where I know there are Marlin and, hanapa`a! One strike, one fish,” said Ching.  An epic 3 hour and 20 minute battle ensued, leaving the crew with “the largest fish caught in this boat.”

But the fight wasn’t over. The fish was so heavy it had to be towed for several miles before the crew had regained enough of their strength to haul it aboard.

“Mahalo ke Akua", said Ching who was also grateful for his son’s help.

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