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Implementing the Community Plan


The Molokai Community Plan Update process is in its final stretch, and a talk story session will be held tonight, Wednesday, Jan. 10, with councilmembers to discuss implementation of the plan. Kelly King, who chairs the Maui County Council’s Planning Committee, and Molokai’s Stacy Crivello will receive community input at the Mitchell Pauole Center from 5 to 9 p.m. in a continuing effort to wrap up the plan update.

This is the fourth in a series of informal gatherings to hear from community members. The Maui County Council has until the end of June to adopt a revised plan.

“Though it has been challenging reviewing the many details and important issues in the plan, it is also gratifying to hear the voices of Molokai residents,” said King. “My goal is to produce a plan that works for people and won’t just sit on a shelf.  That’s where the implementing actions come in.”

The Molokai Community Plan acts as a comprehensive blueprint for the island’s economic and environmental resources, infrastructure and cultural values that will help guide Molokai’s future over the next decades. The process of updating the 2001 Molokai Community Plan has taken several years.

The final step is Council review of the draft plan, and these community meetings are part of that process. The Draft Molokai Community Plan Update can be viewed on the County’s website at co.maui.hi.us/1684/Molokai-Community-Plan-Update.

The public is encouraged to attend tonight’s session and provide input. For more information, call Ella Alcon at 808-553-3888.


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