Immigration Benefits Made Easier

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) News Release

For the first time, the USCIS has proposed a standardized form to waive fees for financially disadvantaged individuals seeking immigration benefits.

The proposed fee waiver form is the product of extensive collaboration with the public.  In meetings with stakeholders, USCIS heard concerns about the criteria for applying for benefits.

Currently, applicants requesting a fee waiver must do so by submitting an affidavit or unsworn declaration requesting a fee waiver and stating the reasons why he or she is unable to pay the filing fee. The new proposed fee waiver form is designed to verify that an applicant, by requesting immigration benefits, is unable to pay a fee for their benefits. The proposed form provides clear criteria and an efficient way to collect and process the information.

The agency is also actively seeking public comment on the new form. USCIS has published a notice in the Federal Register seeking public comment on the proposed form – Form I-912, Request for Individual Fee Waiver.

The public is encouraged to comment on the proposed fee waiver form at www.regulations.gov.  The comment period closes on September 13, 2010.


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