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Ikehu Molokai Energy Project Update

Ikehu Molokai News Release

Mahalo to the Molokai community for your many expressions of support for the Ikehu Molokai project. Thanks also for the many comments and feedback on the project.  Among other things, we have heard concerns about impacts on the Manila Camp neighborhood if the project is located there, visual and wildlife impacts from possible wind turbines in the west end, impacts on water from use of the reservoirs.

We have also heard that the basic goals of the project are very welcome on Molokai.  These goals include rate relief, grid stability, island self-sufficiency, leaving plenty of room for more rooftop solar, and energy emergency preparedness.  Finally, we have gone on record as saying that Ikehu Molokai is for Molokai only – we will not interconnect to any cable for export.

In response to these concerns, we have gone back to the drawing board and analyzed many alternative technologies and locations for the project.  Some of these technologies will be located in the industrial area, away from Manila Camp.  Some of the alternatives do not require the use of the reservoirs.  All of the alternatives have pros and cons, but all of them aim for the same goals:  rate relief, self-sufficiency, and grid stability.  Also, all of them are designed to keep the grid open for more rooftop solar systems, while stabilizing the voltage on the grid so that Maui Electric can allow net metering.

The support and involvement of the Molokai community is essential to the success of the project.  We will be having more community meetings over the next few weeks, presenting the alternative technologies and project locations, asking for feedback on which makes the most sense for the Molokai community.  Please watch The Molokai Dispatch, as well as our website ikehumolokai.com, for meeting times and locations.  Coming up soon are meetings with the homesteader groups on Feb. 14) and the Molokai Clean Energy Initiative on Feb. 18.


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