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‘I Am Loved’ Project

I am Loved

Photo contributed by Molokai Middle School

MMS News Release

Do you want to be a part of Molokai Middle School’s “I Am Loved” campaign? The I Am Loved (IAL) project helps build relationships and expresses through visual pictures the message of love. The IAL project is part of a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports pilot program created and initiated by MMS Behavioral Specialist Kim Lani. She says the intent is to “strengthen bonds between students, loved ones and the community.” According to Lani, the IAL project boldly proclaims that everyone is loved and teaches youth that feeling and showing love is a normal, healthy and an expected positive behavior.

Social media such as Facebook and Instagram are being utilized to share photos and help spread the positive vibe. Recently, the community was tapped into participating. You may recognize the photos with the many faces of Molokai business owners and employees. The project is also catching wind in other schools across the nation, including schools in California.

Molokai Middle School invites the community to participate in the I Am Loved Project.  If you want to be a part of a growing and positive change in our school and community, follow the directions to submit your photo.

1.        Take pictures with those who love you (family, friends, pets, etc.)
2.        Include the “I Am Loved” sign or make your own creative sign!
3.        Like our Facebook page: Molokai Middle School.
4.        Post your pictures to our Facebook page.
5.        Or, email photos to MolokaiMiddleSchool@yahoo.com
6.        Know that you are loved!
7.        Share.  Pass it forward.  Keep it going.


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