Hundreds Stand for Water

?” he wondered out loud.

Santiago’s mother, Loretta, has been paying Molokai Ranch for water since they arrived on the island. She said there have never been any jumps in price like the proposed rates. Last summer, she was paying less than $30 a month for water. If the PUC approves of the new increase, she will be paying over $100 a month. For Santiago, and many other seniors, those increases will seriously affect the fixed budget she lives on.

Many others across the island were also pulling for PUC to step up and deny the increase.

“The PUC should not cave in again to the Ranch,” said Kaluakoi resident Bill Vogt. “All of this is punitive because of La’au point not going through.”

He said he would like to eventually see another company purchase the water company. Vogt’s rates could climb as high as $480 a month if the rates are approved.

Many residents who don’t pay the Ranch’s water rates also showed up Saturday to protest, showing support for their fellow community members.

“I would just like to see the Ranch do what is right for the residents of Molokai. If they can’t afford to do that, then just give it to the county,” said Perry Buchaltar, a Maunaloa resident who entertained his fellow protestors with a harmonica.


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