Humane Society Update

On a sunny Thursday afternoon, the back patio of Coffee's of Hawaii came alive in a discussion with feline appeal.  As President Julie Lopez chaired the meeting, The Molokai Humane Society discussed a $1500 donation intended for the feeding of feral cats. In attendance were Julie Lopez, Viola Wichman, Teri Waros and Don Hill as well as new faces Mykel Barrie and Elaine Roller.

Beginning by mentioning the highly publicized Spay and Neuter Campaign, Lopez noted that the thirty year program had recently seen thirty dogs spayed in three days.  These operations cost only $10 as much of the cost is covered by the Society, usually between $55 and $70.  Members of the public who wish to make an appointment are urged to call Cheryl Baumgard, head of the Program, on 552 0079. 

The operations are performed by visiting Veterinarians including Dr. Eileen Naamen, Jim Naamen and Dr. Dennis Brown.  These heroic vets are assisted by volunteers from the Humane Society, such as Don Hill who has selflessly dedicated many hours in service.

New Director Elaine Roller brought a great deal of energy to the meeting, motivating a new public relations campaign and membership drive.  Hoping to combat any negative public perceptions of the Humane Society, Roller planned to raise the activity levels of the Society at community events and sign up new members.

On the subject of feeding feral cats, discussion ranged from bulk purchase of pet foods to the reimbursement of individuals leading community management of cat populations.  All suggestions created new problems which could not be overcome by the committee, however and allocation of the funds was deferred until the next meeting.  This takes place at Coffees of Hawaii on Thursday, March 15 at 4:30.

Molokai Humane Society can be contacted at 567 6518 or by emailing


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