Humane Society Looks Ahead

The Molokai Humane Society (MoHS) celebrated its 30 year anniversary this past June. Over the course of the past 30 years the Molokai Humane Society has overcome many challenges, and still continues to do so. We have transitioned from an off island veterinarian working out of someone’s home, to a humble clinic made out of a 40 foot shipping container at our current location with a budget to support a full time veterinarian. Over the past 30 years the organization has made many positive changes such as advocating for companion animals at Home Pumehana, successfully organizing and maintaining a low cost spay and neuter program, educating the community on the benefits of proper animal care and helping thousands of animals in need.

For the past several years the organization has been working hard to secure a parcel of land and staff that would be appropriate to meet the needs of the island’s animals. The current MoHS administration has not lost sight of how far we have come over the past 30 years, or all of the changes and tough times we have struggled through. We continue to maintain the focus that was created for the organization several decades ago.

As the new Executive Director, I commend the people who have worked so hard to get to where the organization is today. I thank them for their commitment and dedication to the animals of this island. I know that as we transition into the next phase of the Molokai Humane Society there will be more challenges that we face. I know that if we all stay focused on what is important we will meet those challenges and overcome them. There are a lot of really exciting things in the future for the Molokai Humane Society and the animals on this island.

The Molokai Humane Society continues to be open Monday-Thursday 8:00am-1:00pm. The next visiting veterinarian will be here August 9 – August 19. Call today to make an appointment and check out our website for additional information,

Jenn Whitted

MoHS Executive Director


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