Hula, A Way of Life

The cultural practice is more than dancing.

Weaving is a long process, it is important to recognize the fact that to buy something has less of your own mana than it is to make it yourself.

After the students finish weaving we will have a ceremony to bless and name their mats. I was taught, as a hula person, that the items or implements that we use in our hula are extensions of our bodies. Much like our body, we respect and treat these items as an important part of who we are.

Mahalo Ka ‘Ohana ‘O Hina O Ka Po La’la’i, Aunty Kauwila Hanchett for your time and patience with us, Malia Wates for sharing your ‘ike, and to ‘Anakala Pilipo, ‘Anakala Alex, and Kaliko Trapp for your vast amount of knowledge.


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