A Hui Endeavor

New bulk-item store opens at former Mango Mart.

A new bulk item store will be opening up this Friday, led by several community members who joined together for the business venture.

Called the Store-House, located in the former Mango Mart on Ala Malama Avenue, the business will offer family-sized items, in household, personal and grocery variety, as well as fresh deli sandwiches and snacks.

“Because of the rising costs of freight and flights, it’s very inconvenient as a consumer [to shop off island],” said Donna Kapu, one of the store’s owners and the group’s spokesperson.

The group of business partners is made up of 14 local Molokai residents, some of whom own other businesses. They said they prefer to remain anonymous until consumers see them working in the store. Kapu previously owned Molokai Flavors in Big Daddy’s restaurant with her daughter.

“[The large number] doesn’t put the burden on any one person,” Kapu said.

The group petitioned for investors among friends, family and other community members.

“We’re not the business tycoons with all the money, we’re regular Molokai residents,” she explained.

Last summer, the hui began asking some big questions: What do we buy? What does Molokai need?

They missed shopping in bulk after Mango Mart’s closing, and decided to open a new store to meet the needs of the residents of Molokai.

Kapu said they were unaware of another new bulk item store opening on the same street, Ohana Wholesale, but aren’t concerned about the competition.

“We want to help Molokai’s economic situation. If [consumers] shop for affordable prices, they save for something else they need or want. Hopefully we help save their extra dollar to put into the want,” Kapu said.

The Store-House will have its grand opening on Friday, October 30, and will have refreshments and a Halloween giveaway drawing.


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