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Horses and Cattle Killed

Sometime last Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, four of my horses and seven cattle were killed in Kalae. I filed a police report and they took pictures. If anyone has any information on who killed my animals, please call the police department at 553-5355. 

Rick French


5 Responses to “Horses and Cattle Killed”

  1. watizit says:

    i know who it is and told the police yet i guess its not a concern anymore, because the guy(boy) is still walking around like an idiot. so whats the sense in calling the police on molokai they dont do NOTHING!!

  2. halemalu says:

    on the news they said that this is in Kalae. i live just down from the 470 and there was one night when the dogs all around us, most of them in the area above the road barked furiously at 2 in the morning although i heard no gun shots. we need to be vigilant about what goes on around us. unfortunately there are some bad apples even in our nice community.

  3. hawaiiangirl says:

    Mr. French;
    I am so sorry to read of the loss of your animals. I am sure you loved them and took care of them.
    Why in the world would someone do this?
    What in the world is happening to Molokai? Arson, killing monk seals, killing horses and cattle, protesting visitors and more that we probably don’t know about. Friendly Isle, I have my doubts.
    Molokai is going to have to do some hard thinking and start telling the police who is doing these unthinkable bad acts.
    I really believe that people know who is responsible.
    Please step forward and do the right thing. Put these criminals behind bars where they belong.

  4. Molokaiwahine says:

    What is happenning to OUR island. All this senseless killings of animals. No respect for the AINA and the life that lives on it. Also trespasses on another Hawaiian families property. Very sad, who ever did this should be caught by the community because these people have no respect for themselves and others and they could be trespassing on your property next. This cruelty to animals need to stop, What is the Molokai Humane Society doing about this issue and other issues concerning cruelty of animals on this island?

  5. keikiaina says:

    Interesting you bring up dogs barking? my aunty lives below the road and said that their are families with plenty hunting dogs that bark sometimes in the early mornings. She has heard gun shots close to their house behind in the forest….

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