Hooves and Lassos Fly

Ikua Purdy Centennial Rodeo celebrated at Kapualei Ranch.

Boomshkie! It’s hard to imagine jokester Keola Kino as serious as he looks here, flying out of the gate during the Ikua Purdy Centennial Rodeo.

By Catherine Cluett

There’s a moment of hush before the chute door clanks shut and the calf bolts out; then a thunder of hooves and a cloud of dust as two cowboys gallop into the ring, their lassos raised and their mounts pure motion.

“And they’re clean!” cries announcer Zhantelle Dudoit, her voice rising above the rush. “Hano swings and he’s… got a head.” The rope is secured around the horns of the yearling, and Hano Naehu shifts his weight left. His horse veers with him.

Goat Dudoit is right on his heels, waiting for his moment of precision. As the calf straightens out, he flicks his wrist and in the next second, everything comes to an abrupt halt. The crowd cheers as the dust settles.

“Aaand he’s got both heels with a time of 18.19 seconds!” shouts Dudoit from the announcer’s booth. It’s the winning time for the Dally Team Roping event at the Ikua Purdy Rodeo held at Kapualei Ranch last Saturday.

The rodeo was held in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Hawaiian cowboy Ikua Purdy and his world roping championship in Wyoming in 1908.

Some of his descendants and ohana cheered on the contestants that day. “He’s a hero,” says Loretta Ritte. “No one even knew who he was before the day he became the World Champion. He had to borrow a horse to ride!”

Young and old participated in the rodeo, which included such events as keiki dummy roping, wahine pole bending, and the final calf branding event.

Hanohano Naehu says one of the most challenging parts of the team roping event is “coming out clean.” “It’s all about timing,” he says. “You have to give the cattle a head start.” Riders are penalized 10 seconds if they come out of the holding area early. And there’s rarely communication between ropers as they work with speed and agility to secure the cattle. “It happens too fast,” explains Hano.

“I’ve been riding since I was his age,” says Real Pocock, daughter of Kapualei Ranch manager Goat Dudoit, motioning to her toddler son. She says she still feels a knot in her stomach waiting for the calf to be released from the chute.

The Ikua Purdy rodeo was made possible through the sponsorship of Jeff Apaka, Jamba Juice, PJ Chang, Wakiki Beach Marriot Hotels, Equus Aqua Marina Hotel, Hard Rock Café.

Winners of the day are listed below.

Dally Team Roping (average winners): 1. Hano Naehu and Goat Dudoit 18.19. 2. Aukai Rawlins and Buzzy Sproat 23.40. 3. Hano Nehu and JR Dudoit 23.56. 4. Cello Dudoit and JR Dudoit 26.82.
Dally Team Roping (fast time) 1. GO Goat Dudoit and Reyn Dudoit 8.55. 2. GO Aukai Rawlins and Buzzy Sproat 7.33.
Double Mugging: 1. Aukai Rawlins Maka Augustro 19.94. 2. Don Habon Kalapana Keliihoomalu 24.65. 3. Hano Naehu Goat Dudoit 28.25.
Team Branding: 1. Aukai Rawlins, Rex Kamakana and MP Kamakana. 2. Cello Dudoit, Puna Domingo and Brada Dudoit.
Keiki Barrels: 1. Brooke Keliihoomalu 18.9. 2. Bubu Kamakana 20.92. 3. Caele Manly 43.03. 4. Cameryn Kahalewai 45.52. 5. Anela Montemayor 50.03.
JR Barrels: 1. Kawena Augustiro 20.65. 2. Kahale Naehu 20.82. 3. Taylor Keliihoomalu 22.40. 4. Kainalu Dudoit 23.84.
Keiki Dummy Roping: 1. Noel Tancayo 2.62. 2. Bubu Tancayo 11.53. 3. Brooke Keliihoomalu 11.8. 4. Sydni Rawlins 13.7. 5. Chevy Augustiro 15.96.
JR Dummy Roping: 1. Cendal Manly 1.94. 2. Regan Morris 2.15. 3. Kahale Naehu 2.37. 4. Taylor Keliihoomalu 9.6. 5. Decker Bicoy 10.59.
Wahine Barrels: 1. Deanna Keliihoomalu 35.76. 2. Real Pocock 36.77. 3. Zhantell Dudoit 42.5
Wahine Poles: 1. Sherry Tancayo 25.41. 2. Deanna Keliihoomalu 27.39. 3. Moani Rawlins 27.78
Wahine Breakaway: 1. Zhantell Dudoit 9.28. 2. Real Pocock 11.75

Mahalo from Rodeo Organizers:
We want to thank our chute crew Dennis & Paki Kamakana, Catch Pen Crew- Macky Oneha, George Naki, Our announcers, Molokai Princess- Zhantell Dudoit, Officals Cami Naehu, Sis Naehu and Real Pocock. Many Thanks to Goat Dudoit Kapualei ranch manager.

Mahalo Nui to Ikua Purdy descendants, Ohana who supported our roping and shared with their rodeo ohana the great spirit of Hawaii's Legendary World Champion Steer Roper! God Bless.

Our next Ropings will be held on October 25th and November 8th. See you there!


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