Honoring Mo`o

We would like to say mahalo and share a little about Mo'omomi Acasio who recently died in a tragic car accident.

He belonged to all of us. His immediate and extended 'ohana, 'O Hina i ka Malama, Kamalama, this community, Molokai, and Ke Akua. We were all 'ohana to Mo'o on different levels and in different degrees throughout his life. We remember him as a good boy, an honest boy, quiet, gentle, and caring.

“Let not his demise be in vain,” is an unspoken message for you the `opio. We all need to make wise decisions in life.

We thank you Molokai for being Molokai, for the “choke” support and kokua you have given to us, for your great love and blessings in honoring the spirit of Mo'o Nakai”ilimoku Kukeikikani o Mo'omomi Acasio.

Your spirit of aloha has been overwhelming and from our 'ohana to the 'ohana of Molokai we say, “mahalo; mahalo ke Akua, mahalo na aumakua, mahalo na kupuna, mahalo Molokai nui Ahina!”

 Mo'omomi was asked the question “Who are you?” in December of 2004 when he was just 13 years old. This is from his journal, in his own words, written over a two day period.

Who Am I?

I am a boy who can watch other people and learn plenty. And I can learn plenty of knowledge by listing and watching others. So I am a kid who really listenes and watches. (I'm a Hawaiian because, my genealogy comes from old Hawai'i chiefs and ali'i from way back. And KAMEHAMEHA THE FIRST was part of my genealogy.) He kuleana keia. This is my responsibility. So I think I know who I am !!! Oh, and I'm Mo'omomi Acasio, and I was born at Mo'omomi beach; and I like it when people call me Mo'omomi, because it reminds me where I was born. Mo'omomi Acasio, Dec. 20, 2004

Who Am I ?

I am 13 years old, and I'm a boy, and my name is Mo'omomi Acasio. I'm an Hawaiian because my first mother was Ho'ohokukalani, and my father was Wakea, and my brother was Haloa. So this is how I know I'm Hawaiian. I AM HAWAIIAN!!!!!

 8:45 AM Mo'o Dec. 21, 2004


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