Honoring a Genuine Super Hero

Steven Ammasi was a very young cheeky fellow when he was born on Molokai on the 16th of February, 1958. In the later stages of his adolescence he was fantasizing about his goals and visions on what he wanted to do later in his life when he finally reached the perfection of his adulthood. He started setting his sights on the metropolis of Fairbanks and while there met an irresistibly beautiful woman named Wendy, whom he could not wait to unite with her once again, reunited together forever. He resided in the city of Fairbanks for years and years, before retiring from his professional duties in Fairbanks as a highly solid laborer, while his brother Solomon fulfilled his career in the noblest manner as the highly decorated post master general for one of the most prestigious post offices in the state.

After his retirement from years of duty in the other state, Steven Ammasi began making periodic visits to his precious homeland of Molokai. In central Molokai he began working so hard to fulfill one of his most sacred goals: being a super hero and a crime fighter. These magnificently fulfilled goals are the honorable hallmark of what patriotically describes Steven Ammasi’s character as a true warrior.

While Ammasi made the almost fatal mistake of eating a religiously fanatical vegan diet which has horribly caused the loss of both his legs and had bound him to a wheelchair for the entirety of his life. For since that day he has vowed to himself that never again will I commit to such horrible consumptions never again and from this day forward I will eat a normal diet of deer meat, normal food, and pigs feet, my favorite food. Because of this, I will never be a vegan again! Before his passing he made friends with two very important people on Molokai, Steven Kalilikane and myself, Michael ‘Detective,’ and near his passing he was about to complete a criminal international felony police investigation.

Blessed are the victorious for victory is the basis of right cursed are the vanquished, for they shall be vassals forever.


Michael Machado


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