Homesteaders Join Together for Annual Meeting and Celebration

Ahupua`a Officer, Victoria Kapuni enjoyed the evening’s festivities with husband Bill Kapuni.

Ahupua`a Meeting

The evening also provided an opportunity for the five homestead associations to hold their annual meeting.

After approving the agenda and minutes from last year’s meeting, updates were provided on each of the homesteads’ current projects.

Homesteaders are working with farming, youth, and fish pond oriented projects, in addition to purchasing a tractor to be used on homestead lands.

Guest speaker Noelani Kalipi, Director of Community and Government Relations for UPC Hawaii Wind also provided an update on wind projects happening on homestead lands.

Having received permission from the Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL), UPC will soon be placing two temporary meteorological towers in Hoolehua.

The equipment for the approximately 180 foot towers is on the island and will be erected in January or February. The towers will collect wind data.

The wind company is attempting to remain in constant contact with both homesteaders and DHHL throughout the project.

“If the community tells us they don’t want it, we are not going to do it,” said Kalipi.

However, Ahupua`a President Purdy said, “There are going to be many benefits for Homesteaders.”

Possible benefits include monetary contributions to a scholarship fund, as well as the potential for future jobs for homesteaders.

“We need to continue working with the community,” said Kalipi. Ongoing discussions concerning the process of how to “directly benefit” homesteaders will be held in January, February, and March.


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