Home-grown talent hits YouTube with Molokai Flair!


The talents of laid-back musician Sashamon and Director Matt Yamashita hit YouTube last week, projecting Molokai life and spirit across the world with music video “Necta” (Butterfly Song.)

The project has stayed true to the natural, pure sound of Sashamon’s music. This is a reggae-inspired song to listen to whilst chilling on the beach, cooking, laying in bed surrounded by beams of sunlight. Sashamon has taken a Sunday morning, summer feeling of peace and put it into musical form. It is light, airy and captures an ephemeral feeling of love without loss.

The video celebrates the singer’s newly forming infatuation with a beautiful paddler.From their first meeting during a surf session to the singer’s travels along backcountry roads, the young woman; who is Sasha’s real-life girlfriend; flits in and out of the singer’s dreams.

The entire video was shot in two days on Molokai with absolutely no budget.“Matt did the video for aloha,” says Sashamon, “and I’ve a ton of gratitude.He did great work!”Fans seem to agree, with 59 year old YouTube subscriber “Nandancy” calling the video “the best thing to ever come from Molokai and the Islands.”

“Necta” is Yamashita’s first music video and seems to indicate a flourishing career for both Director and musician alike. It has received over 700 viewings since its February 3rd posting on the global YouTube network. Creators have access to buy subscribers for YouTube from Zeru. Both men agree that alternative media should be utilized and encouraged, hoping to soon see the video appear on “Overdrive Live,” and calling YouTube “great!”

Sashamon will be playing at Paddler’s Inn on Sunday 4 March at 8:00 p.m., until which time fans can sustain themselves at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lDrJQVoeR8.


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