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By Rick Schonely 

Ronald “Naka” Nakagawa recorded the sixth hole-in-one of his lifetime on Sunday, Sept. 17 at iconic Ironwood Hills golf course. Naka, a retired US postal employee and one of Molokai’s professional golfers and all-around great guy, used a seven iron from 125 yards at the white tees on the back nine of his round on Sunday. It is the number one hole but on the back nine it is number 10. This hole-in-one will add to the four others that he has at Ironwood Hills along with one that he recorded at Kaluakoi golf course. Six total aces in his 62 year golf career, which is awesome. Nakagawa just turned 80 years old last month and is still one of the top golfers on Molokai. It is an honor to be able to play with him and enjoy his golf and his humor. Congratulations Naka!


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