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Hokulani CTOM Experiences Molokai Magic

CTOM News Release

In a true testament of aloha, the people of Molokai and beyond have come together to create magic on the island, providing its youth with unprecedented opportunities in the performing arts. The Hokulani Children’s Theatre of Molokai (CTOM) initiative, born out of the collective love for arts, has become a beacon of creativity and mentorship, shaping the dreams and aspirations of Molokai’s talented young performers. 

This remarkable endeavor is preparing for a new awe-inspiring performance “Christmas, Peter Pan” after a transformative summer enrichment program. These events are made possible through acts of generosity and mentorship from individuals who have selflessly devoted their time, talent, and love for the arts. The impact of this mentoring initiative on the youth of Molokai cannot be overstated, as it has opened doors, nurtured dreams, and created lasting memories for the island’s budding artists. 

The heart of this initiative lies in the community’s dedication to providing opportunities for young performers to shine. Through the Hokulani CTOM performances, audiences can witness the incredible talent and passion that Molokai’s youth bring to the stage. These young artists are embracing their creative voices, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression. 

One of the most significant achievements of the Hokulani CTOM initiative is mentorship. This program, made possible by the dedication of volunteers, provides a nurturing environment for young talents to hone their skills, developing a deep appreciation for the arts. The guidance provided by volunteers have not only honed the technical abilities of the participants but also instilled in them the confidence to pursue their passions fearlessly. Their commitment has not only enriched the cultural fabric of Molokai but has also given the youth a sense of purpose and belonging. 

Vicki Boswell, founder of CTOM expressed her gratitude, saying, “witnessing the transformation in these young performers has been incredibly rewarding. The support from our community has been overwhelming, and it’s inspiring to see how the arts can bring us all together.” 

As Hokulani CTOM continues to weave its magic, the future looks brighter than ever for Molokai’s aspiring artists. As the curtain will soon fall on Hokulani CTOM’s first successful year, we celebrate not just the performances, but the spirit of generosity, mentorship, and unity that have made these achievements possible. The island’s youth are not just performers; they are the bearers of Molokai’s cultural legacy, and with initiatives like Hokulani CTOM, their potential knows no bounds. Thank you for keeping the true strength of Molokai alive and well! 

Mark your calendar, “Christmas, Peter Pan” flies Dec. 8 and 9 for three amazing community performances at Home Pumehana, which is the home to our program. 


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