Hirono joins Molokai veterans in Memorial Day celebration

Kaunakakai resident Alice Kono was affectionately mentioned by Hirono. Kono served the U.S. army in World War II as a military intelligence linguist. The Library of Congress interviewed Kono for a historical project that can be assessed on the library’s Web site at www.loc.gov.

The celebration included the release of several red, blue and white pigeons, representing the U.S. colors. The “One Lady Band,” literally a one-lady band, played while the crowd sang along to army, navy, marines, air force and even coast-guard anthems. The celebration finished with the crowd singing “America the Beautiful,” paying respect to deceased veterans.

After the formal celebration was over, most people hung around, ate stew and Portuguese soup, and talked story for a while. Hirono stayed and answered questions from residents and took pictures with fans. With an ever-present smile, she said she felt great to be on Molokai.


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